• Reasons why you can move your sales figures with us

    Step by step to ensure your success
    Suveys show that the sale process always runs the same way. Such as in a Nautilus inwards is getting smaller, so the sales funnel is getting smaller until the successful closing of a project.

    Recocgnise the potential of sales people
    If 80% of the sales people reach only 70-80% of their goals (from surveys), it does not help much if some of them even reach 120%. The overall goal remains unmatched. The conclusion is simple: What these few very succesful sales people celebrate as "art", we train the others with "sales knowledge". So you and your team will reach the embitious targets.

    Endorse the success
    More sales success is the goal of every company, as well as ours.
    The idea is so simple and compelling that our seminar fees are often agreed on a performance basis. Our joint value.

    Filed of activity

    After finishing his engineer study Daniel J. Schwarzenbach started his career as international sales representative in a leading international medical care company. As sales manager of technology and consulting oriented companies he was responsible to develop different sales channels in Switzerland and different European countries. After many successful years in the top management and as CEO of quoted and private enterprises, he founded his own consulting company. As a sales performance coach he focuses on the teaching and implementing of simply understandable, practice-proven methods and personal commitment during the conversion. His customers profit from a lasting successful contribution. Today he is supporting as Sales Performance Coach "Fortune 1000" companies, lectures, reports and publishes.

  • Our Know How


    Daniel J. Schwarzenbach


    • Electronic engineer
    • Economics
    • Systemic Coach ECA
      Member of AFNB - Academy of neuroscience Education Management

    Professional Experience:

    • Sales engineer
    • Sales manager for international companies
    • CEO of international companies
    • Top management coaching
    • CRM implementations / Change Management
    • Large international projects
    • Coaching support of sales methodologies
    • Workshop development
    • Workshop facilitator

    Other interests:

    • Hobbies include skiing, golf, scuba diving, hiking, tennis, travelling
    • To reach a win:win situation with my customers




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